Will I be able to print or download the books?

No, the books can only be read online. Check out the demo.

Will I be getting access to a pdf?

No, there are no pdfs. The books can only be read online. However, "single page mode" mimics a pdf reading experience.

How long will I be able to access purchased books for?

Two years. Access does NOT auto-renew.

If I buy a physical copy of a book, do I also get access to the online version? Is there a code I can redeem for the online version?

The online versions are separate purchases from the physical. Physical books sold through amazon or elsewhere do not contain codes that you can redeem for digital access. Digital license codes are for teachers who want to distribute the online versions of the books to their students. They are not related to the physical books.

I use the 1st/2nd edition of the SAT Math book for teaching purposes. Will my purchase of the book include the 1st/2nd edition?

Yes, you'll receive access to all editions of the SAT Math book upon purchase.

Will purchasing a book allow me to access future editions of the book?

Yes, if a new edition is published, you'll receive access to the new edition as long as your original purchase hasn't expired.

I am a teacher/company. How can I easily distribute these books to others?

Teacher accounts allow for the purchase of license codes that can then be distributed to other teachers or students. These license codes offer a discounted rate, grant 1-year access, but must be purchased in bulk (5+ per desired book).